More about me

Artist and Therapist


I too am a rainbow with gold at both ends!


Having grown up in the rural South, experiencing a dysfunctional family, domestic violence, grief and loss, and other issues as a child, I somehow was molded into a helper. As a young person, I thought helping meant giving too much of myself away, being co-dependent on others, and not speaking up for myself. I would later attend Co Dependents Anonymous and other forms of therapy to heal the way I was relating to others.

I also experienced spiritual abuse and this caused me to become cynical about God. I needed spirituality that was accepting of other faiths, accepting of all people in the rainbow, and I needed Spirituality without hellfire and brimstone. Eventually I worked through this unique internal wound and healed through a process of being intentional about connecting with Jesus or God or Spirit or Higher Power. I became intentional about talking to Spirit when I needed help or comfort. And a funny thing happened. I got the help I needed. I healed.

As a young adult I found my way in the US Air Force, and as a nurse's assistant. I learned a great deal there about military families, childbirth and post partum depression. College followed and I studied Fine Art. Making art is one of the most amazing forms of experiential therapy and has profound healing power!


I continued on to study Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Holistic Studies. Courses included Systems Theory, Hypnosis, Hakomi, Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Eastern Religion, Meditative Practices and Asian Philosophy, Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy to name just a few. Grad school became a catalyst for me to start a career in helping others to heal themselves in psychotherapy.


During grad school I worked as a counselor on an eating disorder inpatient unit with children and teens. This was quite inspirational!


Later I worked at a domestic violence agency as a therapist intern. More recently I have studied EMDR, the Gottman method and EFT.


For fun I paint, take a lot of photographs of nature and try to get outside often. 

As I have done my own work in therapy, I have come to the conclusion that these aspects of me are the gold and the rainbow in my life and they color the work I do with clients. Peace and blessings to you.


Patricia Schuetz, M.A.
MFT Registered Associate